Fun and Security

Because the seats are modelled for a maximum comfort.
Because the children can play and come out of the pool very easily.
Because you can always create a swimming line without occupying the comfort of the other areas.

Completely personalized

Because if you jump in a Biodesign pool you see the difference…look at the amazing underwater show!
Because it allows to study every detail of the pool with the customer: beaches, chaise longue, areas with intermediate and deeper depth.
Because it allows to study the reflexes of the colors, the monoliths inside the pool and all details that will make a unique pool.
Because the pool is an investment pool and having a unique completely personalized pool increases the quality and value of the property.

Traditional pool

A traditional pool foresees an entrance, at least on 3 sides, with an immediate access with a high depth, as each side is built with a 90°. This characteristic and the slippery stone surface around the pool are a risk for everyone who would like to do some activities outside the pool. Furthermore, even with average temperatures, there is a thermal shock.

Biodesign pool

A Biodesign pool is a synonym for security – the border and the access are completely made in resined stones and the smooth entrance at 45° give the opportunity not only to live the pool for swimming, but as well for fun and especially for relaxation!

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