Increased real estate value

Because it is a space of the house. The pool can be created according to the own taste and needs thanks to the fact that it can be completely personalized.
Because the special shape and the stone structure extend the swimming season and offer a hotter water than a traditional pool.
Because it furnishes the house and the garden in every season, with leaves or snow. Because in summer it is a pool and in the rest of the year it becomes an ornamental pool.


Because the site is very fast and easy: it eliminates the inconveniences of complex constructions.
Because the weight of the structure is on average 10 times lower than a traditional pool…
Because the self-supporting excavation reduces the volume of earth moving and eliminates the use of big quantities of concrete and no garden renovation is needed.
Because the less you excavate, the less materials you need, less transports you have to make and less environmental impact you have. This means less costs.

Because these personalized and elite pools do not increase significantly the costs for the dealer.

Traditional pool

Normally, an inground pool is used 4 month a year, during the summer. In winter, horrible covers are used for protecting the building materials and the liner. This is not only a problem of costs for the cover, the cleaning and maintenance, but it is even not nice to see for 2/3 of the year.

Biodesign Pool

A Biodesign pool is simply a pool in summer and a beautiful lake in winter. It is an extraordinary integration in the landscape for 365 days a year!... with the leaves and as well with the snow!

Invest in your property and create a real added value for every season, every day.

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