The Biodesign Academy has been active for over 5 years and was created for training and assist the Biodesign dealers. The training courses are organized in autumn and winter and are held in 5 different languages: Italian, English, German, French and Spanish. Because in the last 5 years more than 300 companies have participated to the Biodesign courses. Because all installation and maintenance procedures are described in the manuals.

Technical assistance on site

Because tutoring on site are available for the first pool installations. Because we can remotely check the excavations and hydraulics. Because it is very easy to learn and understand the new technology thanks to the easy sites, the disposal of manual with the complete procedures and the high professionalism of the Biodesign technicians.

Traditional pool

The concrete or prefabricated pool has a very heavy structure.
The ground needs an excavation that is 5 times bigger than a Biodesign pool.
The transport of the materials is expensive, and a big space is needed for the storage and realization of the pool.

Biodesign Pool

As you can see in the images, the site is very fast and the excavation noninvasive. The resin structure weighs 10 times less than a prefabricated pool. Less materials, less transports and a very low environmental impact! Note as well that the installation time is overall reduced to few days.


The Biodesign education department is being visited more and more. In autumn and winter, it offers almost every week Biodesign and swimming pool marketing courses, technical seminars on swimming pool installations and since two years as well courses on water treatment. On the occasion of these courses, API Italia, the company that has been granted the right to exploit the Biodesign patents, makes available a dedicated Academy area in its buildings, which are equipped with meeting rooms, a canteen for breaks and a test room where the customers can try the installation of the various technologies under the guidance of our technicians. Biodesign’s educational organization has become an integral part of the company’s business. For those selling a new technology it is of upmost importance to educate the technicians to ensure an installation according to detailed quality protocols.
To this end, we worked for nearly a year to prepare precise and complete instructions, in both printed and video form, that can be considered the “Bible” of the Biodesign technology. We have recently supplemented the courses with information about Biodesign technology and in-depth swimming pool marketing studies, ensuring that nobody is likely to get bored. The water treatment course is unique. Created with the intent to promote a culture based on the respect for bathers and the environment, it informs customers about the advantages of a professional approach to the water treatment market. Advantages that involve producers, operators and above all, clients.

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