It furnishes the garden
365 days a year

…and it can be completely personalized for a perfect landscape integration.

A Biodesign pool is simply a pool in summer and a beautiful lake in winter. An extraordinary integration in the landscape for 365 days a year!... with the leaves but as well with the snow! An investment in the house that leads to a real added value that can be perceived every season; every day.


Because it has a harmonious form that follows the natural characteristics of the landscape.

Because the self-supporting excavation eliminates the use of concrete simplifying the site and making it faster.

Because the construction materials are completely made of natural stones.

Because it does not use chemical waterproofing, but EPDM that is the best waterproofing technology with minimal environmental impact (Greenpeace).

Traditional Pool

The traditional pool is normally (90%) built with geometrical and squared forms, which is a considerable limitation in creativity and integration in the landscape.

Biodesign Pool

The Biodesign Pool is perfectly integrated in the landscape with its harmonious and extremely various forms. No two Biodesign pools are alike. In summer it is a pool and in winter a beautiful lake.

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