Because it is the most ecofriendly technology on the market.

Because the weight of the structure is on average 10 times lower compared to a traditional pool.
Less materials, less transports, less environmental impact.
No cemented subsoil.


The covering in natural stones is the structure itself: 50 meters of surface have a complete weight of 4000kg, this means about 10 times less than a traditional pool.

The binder is certified, monocomponent, monodose and is not pollutant even in liquid - differently from the traditional bicomponent binder used for the mixture and waterproofing that releases dangerous chemical substances into the water, if not dosed or mixed perfectly.

The self-supporting excavation eliminates the use of big quantities of concrete simplifying the site and making it shorter.

The materials for the construction are entirely in natural stones, which are recycled from other production processes and the quantity of binder is minimal 175kg x 50m2.

It does not use chemical waterproofing, but EPDM that is the best waterproofing technology with minimal environmental impact (Greenpeace).

The whole building technology has been studied and tested on more than 1100 pools all over the world.

Traditional Pool

The traditional pool is normally (90%) built with geometrical and squared forms, which is a considerable limitation in creativity and integration in the landscape.

Biodesign Pool

The Biodesign Pool is perfectly integrated in the landscape with its harmonious and extremely various forms. No two Biodesign pools are alike. In summer it is a pool and in winter a beautiful lake.

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